13 Fishing BFF Blunt Force Finesse
Providing anglers with all the necessary attributes that make a great finesse worm, the 13 Fishing BFF Blunt Force Finesse Worm is one that should be in every anglers tackle box. Made from USA sourced materials that float, the 13...
Missile Baits Bomb Shot
Dropping a bomb into drop shot world, the Missile Baits Bomb Shot Worm is one of the most deadly and effective drop shot worms ever created. Inspired by the highly successful Missile Baits D Bomb, the Missile Baits Bomb Shot...
Roboworm Ned Worm 3"
Capitalizing on the very popular Ned Rig technique, the Roboworm Ned Worm offers “hand pour” style color schemes that were not previously available to Ned Riggers. The Roboworm Ned Worm features a short, fat profile that makes it ideal for...
Roboworm Straight Tail 6" Worms
The Roboworm Straight Tail Worms have become a staple for finesse fishing, harkening back to the days of the 'hand poured' finesse worms so popular on the West Coast more than a decade ago. The Straight Tail Worms are surprisingly...
Z Man Finesse TRD
Made using an even softer version of Z Man's ElaZtech plastic, the Z Man Finesse T.R.D. (The Real Deal) provides a realistic feel, longer holds, and increased hook-up ratios. Expertly crafted to trick the most finicky fish into biting, the...
Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Flat Worm
A great representation of nearly all baitfish, the Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Flat Worm is a deadly little appetizer that will have bass drooling to get a taste. Crafted with a flat bottom and a thinned out tail section, the Berkley...
Jackall Flick Shake Worms
Jackall has developed a specific Flick Shake Worm and Wacky Jig Head, which work together as a system. The Jackall Flick Shake Worm has a built in curved design, which creates a squirming action that the fish cannot resist. The...
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Z Man Trick Shotz 3.5"
Thanks to their remarkably soft, pliable, buoyant, and 10X Tough ElaZtech construction, 3.5" and 4.2" Trick ShotZ--Z-Man’s first specifically designed drop shot baits--feature limber, ribbed bodies and spade-shaped tails that produce ultra-lifelike action with little rod movement, and are impregnated...
X Zone Hot Shot Minnow 3.25"
Designed in collaboration with Elite Series Pro Brandon Palaniuk, the Xzone Lures Hot Shot Minnows are perfect for drop shot, neko rig, and ball head presentations for bass, walleye, and many other species. Poured with a proprietary blend of high buoyancy plastic,...
6th Sense Glitch 3.8"
A brief irregularity, that is the definition of the word 'Glitch.' The all-new Glitch does exactly this, a brief irregular action enticing more bites. The profound soft plastic weight distribution and flat belly design allows the Glitch to sit completely...
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