Smelly Jelly Sticky Liquid
Smelly Jelly Scents are among the most popular fish attractants on the market today. Smelly Jelly has taken the essence of each forage species and concentrated it before mixing it in a jelly base. The jelly will stick to whatever...
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Bass Dynasty Slime Threadfin Shad
BLUEGILL - With Bluegill shaped immitations swimbaits quickly flooding the market with success, Bluegill flavored Bass Dynasty Attractants have flourished as the only compliment attractant suitable for pairing. If you’re a big bait fisherman, this is your pick. CRAWDAD -...
Yum Spray Attractant 4oz
Super charges any soft plastic baits with Yum Spray Attractant. A biological enzyme attractant that simulates the scent of actual live prey, it also masks any fish repelling odors that might be on your hands or bait as well. Yum Spray...
Spike it Dip N Glo
Spike-It Dip-N-Glo Plastic Worm Dyes are specially designed for dipping plastics such as worms, grubs, and even skirts to produce immediate, permanent color changes. Scented varieties deeply penetrate the lure to produce a long-lasting scent.
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