Team Fish

Are you interested in becoming part of Team Fish? Fish Tackle & Marine is looking for team members. Our team consists of likeminded individuals ranging from the casual weekend fisherman to the die hard tournament anglers . We are always looking for individuals who are willing to contribute to our success by representing the Fish Tackle & Marine  name through digital media and  outings such as fishing tournaments, trade shows, industry events and simple weekend outings. 

What We Expect From Our Team

  1. Must make a purchase within 12 months from Fish Tackle & Marine.

  2. Display the Fish logo prominently on tournament clothing, tow vehicles, boat or Kayak

  3. Promote Fish Tackle Marine on your social media accounts at least twice a month. Content can be original or shared from the official Fish Tackle 7 Marine account. Be sure to tag the Fish account on all posts, and use hashtags #teamfish and #fishtacklemarine.

  4. Submit reports and photos from events, tournaments or weekend outings to be used on Fish Tackle & Marines social media outlets.

  5. Must abide by all laws, rules, and regulations and carry yourself in a professional manner representative of the brands.

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