YUM FF Sonar Jig Heads
Designed in collaboration with 2022 Bassmaster Classic Champion, Jason Christie, the Yum FF Sonar Jig Head is built to pair perfectly with the Yum FF Sonar Minnow to create a flawless presentation for catching wary suspended bass using forward-facing sonar. At a...
Yum FF Sonar Minnow
Designed by Bassmaster Classic Champion, Jason Christie, the Yum FF Sonar Minnow was developed to catch finicky fish with your forward facing sonar unit. A necessary technique for today’s competitive tournament trail, the Yum FF Sonar Minnow is molded with...
Yum Scottsboro Swimbaits 6Pk 3"
Until the day ever comes when bass quit eating shad, the Yum Scottsboro Swimbaits is going to continue to put fish in the boat. The master swimbait creators at Scottsboro have come together with the team at Yum Bait Company...
Yum Spray Attractant 4oz
Super charges any soft plastic baits with Yum Spray Attractant. A biological enzyme attractant that simulates the scent of actual live prey, it also masks any fish repelling odors that might be on your hands or bait as well. Yum Spray...
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