6th Sense Stout Wide gap Hooks
The 6th Sense STOUT Wide Gap Worm Hooks were designed with one main goal and that is to increase your catch ratio, period. Featuring ultra sharp dual-angled hook points, the 6th Sense STOUT Wide Gap Worm Hooks provide effortless hook...
Owner Flashy Swimmer with CPS
Featuring a spinner blade attached to a non-moveable weight on the hook shank, the Owner Flashy Swimmer delivers added flash and fish attraction to your favorite soft swimbait, fluke or other swimming soft plastic. A great option for a search...
from $5.99
Gamakatsu Offset Shank Worm Hook
The round bend design is called wide-gap by Gamakatsu, and rightly so. These hooks feature a large radius and more space between the point and the shank giving you a bigger bite in a bass' mouth with less likelihood of...
Stanley Double Take Frog Hooks 2pk
Doubling your chance of hooking up on a frog bite, the Stanley Double-Take Hook also features longer shanks to further reduce the likelihood of bass missing the hooks on the strike. Great in thick cover where its important to have...
Unknown Fishing Co Break-Away Surf Weights
Heaving a half-ton of lead into a busy surf can make for a tough outing. For those days when the currents are active or you're using lighter tackle, Unknown Fishing Co break away style surf weight is the answer. It's...
from $4.59
Ketch Karbonate Board
KBF Approved High color yellow that’s easy to read and extremely durable. Built in Cradle Compatible with floating kit (coming soon!)
from $32.99
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