Owner Flashy Swimmer with CPS
Featuring a spinner blade attached to a non-moveable weight on the hook shank, the Owner Flashy Swimmer delivers added flash and fish attraction to your favorite soft swimbait, fluke or other swimming soft plastic. A great option for a search...
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Owner Sniper Finesse Weedless Hook Titanium 4pk
Giving anglers the freedom to finesse fish around cover, the Owner Weedless Sniper Finesse Neko Hook utilizes a unique construction that improves function when dealing with big fish around docks, rocky bottom, and light vegetation. Fitted with a titanium wire weedguard, the...
Owner Cover Shot Worm Hook 5pk
 The Owner Cover Shot Worm Hook is an ideal choice for a drop shot, split shot, Carolina rig, and even a light Texas rig. Featuring a monofilament bait keeper, which allows anglers to rig their soft plastics perfectly weedlessly, the bait keeper...
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